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Manufacturing of Reactive Power Complete Solution

Clariant Capacitors is a privately owned company operating in the global market through powerful sales and distribution network. We offer our customers a solution to save energy and to improve power quality by reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering. Some of our key achievements:

  • Started as a manufacturing firm in 1998 and soon became to be renowned in manufacturing of Reactive Power Complete Solution.
  • Business associates with FRAKO Kondensatoren- und Anlagenbau GmbH, Germany for distribution & Sales on all India.
  • Highest No. of installations of Harmonic filters in steel industries all over India.
  • Offer complete solution package with harmonic Analysis with expert technical team.
  • Bagged the biggest export order for tuned filter from UAE, Dubai, Iran, South Africa Zambia, Nigeria & Turkey.
  • Supply of 5000 KVAR filter panel with all associated equipment.
  • Offered complete solution package (LT + HT) for 20 MW Power plant in Bhuj.
  • Complete Reactive Power Harmonic Filter (LT) for 100 MW power plant at Prakash Industries Ltd.
  • Signed as a Channel Partner with FRAKO in 2007
  • Executed complete turnkey project for > 50,000 KVAR (appx.) Tuned filters, RTPFC @ Textile Industries & achieved the best promised results as per contract.

Northern Region
  • 25 Tone MT Furnace / Rolling Mill division, CPSS pioneer in providing Most optimum tuned, detuned filter schemes A/C. 25 Tone Furnace + WRM for 20 M.W. Load Final Results -
    • THD (I) < 4%
    • THD (I) < 4%
    • Power Factor = 0.996 (lag)

Southern Region
  • Pioneer in providing Appx. 10,000 KVAR, 850 Tuned RTPFC Scheme A/c. Piercing Mill Seamless Tube division. Enhancing Power Quality by reducing harmonics <4% & resulting in reducing frequent breakdown

Western Region
  • Successfully execution of tuned harmonic filter scheme (11th & 13th) HT side & (5th & 7th) LT side tuned RTPFC as per IEEE519-1992 Standard Guidelines for Harmonics. Final Results –
    • THD (I) < 3%
    • THD (V) < 2%
    • Power Factor = 0.999 (lag)

Eastern Region
  • Executed 6 Major Overseas Projects in South Africa, Nigeria, Italy A/C Reactive Power Compensation schemes > $ 1,000,000.00

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