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Environmental Awareness

Preserving and taking care of environment is the first and foremost duty of every individual. Clariant believes in inculcating this policy in every individual working with them. Clariant personnel are trained in FRAKO'S environmental friendly processes and procedures.

CLARIANT, as a medium-sized technology company, offers its customers products and services for the responsible and thrifty use of energy. Our primary aims in doing this are to protect the environment, make effective use of resources and improve cost efficiency. We reduce energy consumption and demonstrate ways to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions in our customers’ installations. For this purpose we develop, manufacture and sell power factor correction systems, power capacitors, harmonics filters and energy management systems.

FRAKO Capacitor's skilled personnel work in an environmentally responsible way creating high-tech compensation solutions with an overall positive environmental effect.

The design and manufacturing of our products requires a high level of craftsmanship, experience and technological know-how. We are committed to continuous improvement of our work procedures and personnel training processes. We have a process oriented management system in place since 1996. Our processes are based on customer needs that continue through delivery and customer service including total life cycle product management.

The quality system of FRAKO Capacitors was certified in 1993 as per ISO 9001 -2000 standard. Our environmental management system was certified according to ISO 14001 in 1999. Our latest achievement was the certification based on a renewed ISO 9001: 2000 in 1994. The approach of this particular standard supports and fits our way of working.

The life cycle impact assessment for FRAKO Capacitors products has been one of the principal guidelines for our R&D activity. Another target is to reduce manufacturing waste and emissions on a yearly basis. However the most significant environmental benefit is gained by the energy savings and increased transmission capacity achieved by our customers. Issues such as conservation of forests by increasing transmission capacity through compensation rather than by building new lines or by direct compensation is very important for environment conservation.

Furthermore this normally leads to direct cost savings which can be seen as a swift repayment of investments. Compensation is a win-win business where environment is one of the winners.

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