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Mr. Tushar Deshmukh is the Managing Director of Clariant Power System Limited in business association with Frako, Germany , which started its operations in 1998 with the objective of playing an active role in the infrastructure development in India along with power quality improvement & helps the nation to save on T&D losses & Appx 55000 Tons of CO2 emission and make the world, better power efficient & a better living place .

He received his engineering degree with honors and then Masters degree in Business and Administration from Pune University. Under his strong leadership the group's turnover has spiraled and it has expanded operations to more than 20 countries including Nigeria UAE, Ethiopia, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Iraq, Bangladesh. 30~ 35% of the group revenues now come from abroad.

Mr. Deshmukh is known as an innovator, and is sought for his vision in the field of Reactive Power Management and Power Quality. He has built a business that is at an inflection point and a team that is highly motivated and believes in his vision. He is responsible for overall vision, business direction and growth.

He has excellent management skills and the ability to generate resources and manage growth.

His contacts and personal rapport with the indigenous and overseas business enterprises has enabled the group to establish a permanent place in the global market.

He has immense energy and drive to acquire new businesses be in India or overseas.

Over a period of time, he has gained in-depth knowledge and experience in Reactive Power Management System as well as international sourcing and marketing. He is respected and valued for his commitment; dedication and ability to quickly and decisively offer solutions to new challenges. His understanding for the business has been instrumental in evolving growth strategies and significantly contributed to implementation of the companies expansion and diversification projects.
Director's Message

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